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(X) Ty Comes to Visit!!


Mar19-01.01p My Mood is: Happy but tired lol.
I'vebeen meaning to write for the longest time, and because of the events ofthe last 2 weeks this is probably going to be a looong entry lol.
Lastweek I got to babysit a family-friend's two daughters for the week. Igot to pick them up from school, ride with them on the bus home, andthen make sure they did homework, showers, snacks, piano lessons, etc.All the little things that go with babysitting. And it was reallyreally fun! I got them addicted to Neopets, even though it wasn't reallymy fault. They had pets before that they had forgotten about. The bestpart of the week was the last day I babysat. NO, not cause it was thelast day, but because it was a weekend day so we got to do lesshomework and more playing lol. The girls (7 and 9 I think) and I builta gingerbread easter house! We mixed the stuff, decorated it, ateenough frosting to drive a diabetic into a coma (sorry Nina), and thentook pictures lol. I promise to put th…