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Lazy gets what lazy earns.

So, I subscribe to a couple different blogs. I like to read them instead of the 'morning paper'.
One woman was trying to get into nursing school at the same time I was. She got in, I didn't, but we still poke each other back and forth. She wrote, and deleted, a post about people not holding up their end of some school work. We all encounter that in school, work, family, etc, and I felt the need to write her back. I ended up motivating mySELF with my comment, so I wanted to post it here. I want to be able to refer to it whenever I get frustrated for 'having to do it all myself'.

"I'm making this comment based on a post you made that no longer exists, and since you may not want that content out and abouts, I'll make my reply a wee vague. Hopefully you'll still 'get it'. ;)

I transferred out of pre-nursing and back into Biology, so I knew that I was putting myself back into a realm dominated by people who just want their C average to get their…