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Run, Rook, Science

Busy day. House leaking again.
Rook got a waterproof boot and a soft cone (for when I leave the house) and thinks I'm the meanest mom ever.... though she can run outside again.
Lab plates coming along nicely. Had to replate the transgenic tobacco (oh, THAT abaxial, gotcha). Spider Plant is doing awesome (gravitropism definitely wins pout in the stem, but the leaves still sun down at the light source). Vampire Plant almost died; I think we need more water in his dark tinfoil/cardboard cave.
Ran again, completing my May streak and signaling my return to running! Still short distances, 0.7, but more than zero and three tunes a week!
Go me!

Rook the Tripod

It's two days since Rook ran through glass and sliced a centimeter deep gash between her toes. Changing her bandage makes her so scared. I feel like she thinks we torture her. It's healthy pink tissue but will take a long time to close/heal since she still walks on it.
We did take time between studying and cleaning to go out to eat, and chose a place where we could sit outside and take Rook! We brought treats and the waiter even brought out a pan of water just for her!

Gumbo Limbo

Gumbo Limbo #Nature Center. #Plant lab worked in a real #research lab today!
Took a few snaps of the butterfly garden and the view from the canopy lookout. Not sure if I should say what the graduate students are working on, since it's her dissertation, but it was fun stuff (most of it).

Run 0.5 & studying

There should be a #zen proverb about the floor of your car and the way of your life. I think I'd like mine today. #studying while #walking at the #dogpark after #running 0.5 mi.
Also, 8h2o, 21min YinYoga, 3x10 kPush Up.

Grades and Run

Final grades posted! Five A's and a B+. Ran another 0.5 mi, yin yoga, and 1.75mi walking at park. Getting there.
Booo B+ kills my chances of reclaiming 3.9 GPA by graduation!