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Rand, Ayn. The Fountainhead. 2/5.

Goodreads Mobile | see what your friends are readingGet the softcover, find the break between Parts 2 and 3, tear the book down the spine at this break, read cliffnotes or some summary for the first half, then read the rest. I heard Ayn Rand took a long time to write this, her first real book. From a turned down screenplay she built a world where views are outrageously extreme. Characters are unbelievable and the viewpoints are expressed with a sledgehammer. The last two parts are better, not really more believable, just bettwe written. She expressed some very good points, a few solid ideals, motives I can agree with, but she does so with the air someone who just 'knows' they're right when everyone else is wrong, so that even if the speaker IS right you just can't wait for them to shut up!If I go on I'll rant. Decent writing, acceptable ideals presented poorly, unbelievable characters. Read it, but through audiobook so you can't stop at scream at how RIDICULOUS…

Why I couldn't take socialism seriously. Or. I'm a racist hardnose.

Why I couldn't ever consider socialism seriously: SRO Jean Amilkar. ... It's not a hard job. The rules are simple. Stay awake, be polite, be professional. When among failing that he shove some faded state worker badge in my face as his basis for me not to have a right how to tell him to do his job to the standards expected of us, mockingly calling me boss and telling me he hope I get paid Captain's wages for the way I talk, and threatening to tell HIS direct supervisor that I 'always' give him a hard time... all I can do is chuckle.Chuckle that the first night we met I was my polite, professional, self at work, while the whole night he called me 'sweetheart' and ended up leaving empty food wrappers (including a huge chip bag) in the patrol vehicle. PS: I hate the nickname Sweetheart from anyone under 65.I chuckle that even Darla, another SRO, fiercely insisted I forcibly remind him to clean the gatehouse as the last time she relieved him it was filthy. I di…

Don Giovanni...

Last October I bought myself birthday tickets to Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' (an opera, circa 1780s). I requested the shift off last January. My current work schedule (and Shane's Drill schedule) meant
1. Off 1530.
2. Home to walk/feed dog, shuck uniform, grab dinner from fridge,
3. hit road just at pre-rush hour to Miami.
4. Pick up husband from drill, eat,
5. Get to Opera House, Curtain at 7.
When I got there a bus was dumping soldiers and the lots were packed. It was more efficient to get dressed in the car. Ever tried to put on a garter belt, in a parked car, with a pulled sternocleidomastoid?
Oh, then after the opera, dump hubby back at drill, drive home, walk/feed dog, out by 1230, up today 0630, finals start finals this Monday. kekThe opera itself was supercool. It's easy to dislike Don Giovanni (our main character slash antagonist) while liking the way he was written. The sidekicks are always cooler though (go Leporello!) When Donna Anna's fiance (see…

Phoenix: Free Puppy!

My sister took in a dog from her neighbor when they moved, but cannot keep her.
They told her she was a 4mo Lab.

She appears to be an 8-12 month old mix, with some Terrier dominant. There is no scar on her belly, so we're unsure if she was fixed. Turns out she was purchased from a swap meet. The previous owner (not the neighbor) docked her tail. She's energetic, and doesn't steal food off the girls' plates.

Her name is Rayna, won't you take her home? Send me an email weyrcat AT gmail DOT com.