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090426 Todays Twitters/FB Status

Might as well compile them into a daily blog as that's basically what they are. Wee mini blogs!1330 Each day I find something to remind me how much I love my Husband: April26: Remembering to Hug & Kiss me first thing in the morning! 1805 Mmm Hot stew on a Hot day... /blech. Remind me to bring Iced Cream for lunch!1853 It is too hot, muggy, still, bleh, to think, eat, remain conscious. May I go home now?~From WeyrCat's Treo >^..^<

my Birthday!

Granma sent me a wonderful card! You can always count on Granmas for a smile!

09Apr22 Gym

+1mile 8:19 windy as shit! blacktop track
+WackenPT 12pushups 27ArmySitups

latpulldown a 4/20 25p
bcurls b 4/10 10p
dips c 80assist 4/10
low back ext d 4/10
shoulderpress 4/10 10b+10p(20p)
~From WeyrCat's TreoHappy Earth Day!

Flowers for my Garden

Granma always manages to sends HUGE smiles in her cards :) /love~From WeyrCat's Treo
/CC Granma (Proper reply coming seperate)

Natalie Dormer- Blurbs from FB.

Yar, I end up spitting some thoughts into Facebook that are bigger than the Status bar wants to chew :D

Watching Tudors, and wondering at what point in History Anne Boleyn would have dressed as a Maid of Dionysus, with SO much skin showing, and danced such a risque dance!

Course, I only just discovered Natalie Dormer (who plays Anne on The Tudors) as Victoria in Casanova. It was apparently her Debut, and I didn't recognize her in Tudors with the DARK hair. Though now after watching it, I'm not sure how I could have missed that crooked grin.

Lovely garb...

Thsi still I stole, but its definitely her "Do it or I'll bite your face" look.
WinXP says my profile is corrupted, so 3days of burning 14 backup disks later we wait to see if HD crashes.

Obama, Con and Pro

Ok, so it's not a Con to me, and it's not really about HIM, but this article I found here (through the NoMee app) was about Arizona State University not giving Pres Obama an honorary Degree (as I guess most colleges are apt to do when the President of the US speaks there) instead, naming a scholarship after him.

Apparently, people are angry! They feel this is some slight against the "first black president". How about, they sited an 'insufficient body of work' and maybe they believed it. I'm FROM Arizona, and we have no shortage of Black People, as they are so wont to point out that the Pres is such. I'm not sure what a whole lot of racism would get a facility where White is not the Majority (it's actually probably Hispanic!)
"The scholarship program, which aids students with deep financial needs, will be renamed the President Barack Obama Scholars, the university sa…


Lady just ran up to the gate and Kicked my ASS*! She's runnin 8.5 today O.O Skinny-as-a-reed Black lady. Accent. Awesome. *Metaphorically. >^..^<~From WeyrCat's Treo

Mead tasting Ren Faire

it went so fast!Pear- light kinda drt but sparkine
Touch of zen- w/meat!
Apricot vanilla- kinda dry. Strong bacl tongue bite
muscadine- ooh ick. Does taste of musc flesh though.
Touchmenot nonsparkling- god the cardemom is good.
Pineapple 16%!vs 12%- mmm almost apertif. No bite. Toned down pineapple.
recipe to home mead which is demurely delicious: I have recipe! And wayyyy teipsy. Bottom lip/teeth jawbottleshock
john clese: wine vid
all thos in 30m... Feelin good!Julianna Wylkyns
of Sundragon, Atenveldt,
in Canton of Attilium, Barony of Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia.

YouTube - Abridged Classics: The Tudors

YouTube - Abridged Classics: The Tudors

I am so addicted to this video right now. I haven't seen the show yet (gonna finish reading "Lady Elizabeth" by Weir first) but the song is awesome, and the flashing STRAIGHT is just farking hilarious!

I'm actually playing it AGAIN, while I type this!!
yes, Ima double post this into the bulletin too. EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH THIS.

The neighbors must hate me right now :D I know Hubby would if he were here!

Eric Bana appears as Henry VIII in the film with Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn. Ms. Powell says she was concerned with historical detail, but only up to a point. “You always have to use artistic license,” she says. “You can never be strictly authentic, and besides, no one knows what authentic is, anyway.”

Photo: Alex Bailey/Columbia Pictures

Ok, I saw this and had to add a little to my bitching.
"No one knows what authentic is, anyway." Are you kidding? If I can point out a TON of sweaty, hockeypad-clad, beer-making, stolen-st…


WORK CURSE YOU! If only for David :P

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090401 Spring Cleaning.. of Teeth!

Fresh From Dentist: @25yo I'm to schedule my top Wisdoms out. Owie. Also: Saving up for Sonic Toothbrush! Mmmm Smooth Teeth! >^..^<Yes I managed to avoid the teeth-pulling almost 8 years after my mother & my peers, but alas, I couldn't escape forever!
I also apparently have a dense area in my jawbone between the roots of teeth 19-20 (which means my lower right jaw). Its pushing on the root of a tooth (19), and possibly is what's causing the tooth (20)to turn in its lil socket. Will be scheduling a Silver filling to replace the white one that fell out (the tooth that always feels broken). Will look ugly, but shouldn't get jacked up like the old one.I love the way my teeth feel after the dentist, even though my gums and jaw hurt. :PPS: Ran 1.5m Sun + 1.5m Mon! My shin muscles are so sore!~From WeyrCat's Treo