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090226 Gym

-Iso-lat leg extension 3/10 10lbE. Too much. Next time -Lb +Rep.
-Iso-lst leg curl 3/13 12.5lbE. Ooh ow. 10lb next time.
-Adductor 4/15 Base?+60lb Good ow. Remember to use knees for more ow!
-Abductor 3/15 Base?+50lb good lord that 5lb makes a dif /shaking
-VSquat 4/15 Base54lb+10 good ow. There.
-Lower back ext 3/10 ooh ow.
-that crunch thing upstairs, (superset with flat calf raises) 30,25,15~From WeyrCat's Treo



My Bernina 730 US Record ~Thank You Granma!!

Today I was able to get someone with two-working hands to load the sewing machine packages into the car. Drove 30 minutes to the only authorized Bernina dealer in a three city reach, and saw my sewing machine for the first time as the tech unwrapped it!

It's beautiful! The tech was confused at first, asking if it was the embriodery model and I being only able to tell him it was heavy, had the machine, and a case. When he opened the box, the sound he made would give you the impression that HE was getting a present! Apparently Bernina started reusing numbers after awhile, and in the background of the far shot you can see a new 830. I saw the new 730, a 2grand model with more bells and whistles a beginner seamstress could ever hope to understand!

He's going to strip it down, inventory and clean the parts, check the oils and such, and then I'll be able to start playing with it! I'm in a queue, which isn't so terrible as I have a broken hand anyway. I do want it done righ…

090223 Gym

Callahan gym:
trying out one closer to home now that we HAVE one. A home that is. Crampy bloated, broken hand, STILL in the gym. /forced to be hardcore./30min Cardio RecBik. *Ok the recline bikes here such. No feet straps, broken like the light panel...Cal timer off too. Should be Res3, no way up to 600cals already! Crap.. Just realized I can't see timer panel! Oh well: It'll stop. I hope. ..most the people here look eh too... BeCAUSE gym es ick? One hardcore lookin chica on the treadmill cross the way tho. >.> Wonder how Hubby's faring.Seated Leg Curl 3/10 35lb. 1/10 20lb Pos2. Feels funny. Eh. Lower Back Machine. 3/10 35lb While in process I feel more than my other free motion thing, something about it irks me...Rotary Torso 2/10 25lb Ow!That concludes my weird workout, but hey, I came, I cardiod, I kicked some ass. (Saw one much nicer than mine tho, is there such a huge difference between 20yr old butts & 26? Maybe she's just gifted. /shrug/)Now. Feed Me!~F…

090219 Gym: Legs & BikCardio

As my hand is broken, I'm rockin..
Legs:-Cardio RecBik 30m Res3 AvgHR140 AvgRPM92 Dis7.20 Cal200
-VSquat Base54lb 3/15
-Abductor 4/20 Base?+45lb
-Adductor 4/20 Base?+45lb (more!)
-Iso-lateral legcurl 2+10e 15/10/10 owie. :)
-LowBackExt 3/10
-Walk 5?m, waitin on Hubby :PNeat: Got there before the boys, & they were gone before I was done working out. Either the broken-hand girl is hardcore or those guys are pansies!Pix above are Prepping Cast, Starting Cast, and completed cast. More on it when I'm conscious. ~From WeyrCat's Treo

09.02.12 I'm Weaving.. On a Jetplane...

(Dual-Posted on Livejournal, & Myspace.)So I haven't got a lot of my SunDragon piece done lately: this Chemistry class is kinda kicking my butt. I think I nailed this Ch6 quiz though, without the E.C., and almost a week early! Not bad.I've been working on a little Viking Whipcord too: not only as an awesome way to fill in my A&S50 Challenge, but also there's just something neat about it. I have plans to whip out a Kumihimo or two as well, probably in my colors (Purple, Green, Argent). The trick to me is really finding USES for cords. Kumihimo might be strong enough for bodice lacing, whipcord not so much (at least not the ones I've fonger-woven with DMC-3.) As Egdings maybe? Bet I could couch some in an embroidery piece for a neat touch (4 DMC Embroidery cottons, whipped very tightly? Not terribly period to mix media, but eh.)Ok, back to trying to stretch these pained knees, dreaming about meeting my new niece soon, and Estrella!Julianna Wylkyns
of Sundragon, At…