Run a 5k. (00:29:13 *link* 07/08/2008)
Run another 5k, to get back into it *2012.01.28
Run a 10k.
Super Spartan - 8.1 mile Trail/Road Obstacle course. 2012.02.25
Run a 10miler. (Fort Bragg Army 10 Miler!!)
Run a Half Marathon.
Run a Marathon.
Run UP! See SkyRise Chicago 103 floor (2109 stairs) race!

Pennsic Pilgrimage - 499 mile walk to Pennsic. Kinda. (2010.08)
An Unexpected Journey Part 1 - 397 miles to Rivendell.(2012Oct15)
An Unexpected Journey Part 2 - 629 miles to the Lonely Mountain. (2013July16)
Walk to Mordor: 1779 miles from Hobbiton to Mt. Doom, by 2013Dec14.

NerdFitness Challenges
  1. Reboot: 2012_Aug06-Sep17 Gained: 2.7WIS, 1.5STR, 2.5CON,3.2STA. 
  2. DragonRider: 2012_Sep26-Nov07 Gained:  2.4WIS, 3.2STR, 2.9CON,2.2STA.
  3. Into the Mountain  2012 Nov12-Dec24 Failed! 54%. No level. 
  4. Consistency. 2013 Jan07-Feb18. Gained: 1.2Str, 3.8Wis, 3.5Con, 1.8Cha, 0.8Dex, 1.6Sta
  5. Moonlighting as a Druid: 20130416. Failed! 62% No level. 
  6. A Runner Again! 20130531. 1.9Str, 0.9Dex, 2.8Sta, 4.3Con, 2.4Cha.
  7. Mother Nature with Muscles 20130729. IP

Start a yoga habit. - IP

Learn, and regularly practice, a martial art.
Hike the Grand Canyon.
Visit the Pyramids / Egypt.
Climb Teotihuacan. apalachicola

Visit Reed Flute Cave (or a massive stalactite trove like it!)
Reed Flute Caves, China (1) (Note, false color
illumination by stage lights. The cave doesn't
need it to be cool, but I bet it helps with tourists.

Explore Ireland.
Explore Germany. (Like this Itinerary here!)
-- Berlin Zoological Garden - "presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world."
-- The Deutsches Museum!
-- The Green Vault!
-- Museum Island!
-- Castle Neuschwanstein!
-- Heidelberg Castle!

Meet Bill Nye
SCUBA dive
Sky dive
See a space shuttle launch (find alternative now? 2011)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Get published 1996, "Loss One Man" Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans

Get a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education, Biology - IP
Get a Masters degree
Get a Doctorate/PhD.

Learn German - Ger101. A. 2012
No really. REALLY learn German. - IP
See the Nutcracker in Ballet.
See a Mozart Opera. *Don Giovanni, FL Arzt Center April 2011.

Learn to read music.
Learn to play the violin!

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