Potato chip BINGE!!!

(Repost from SparkBlog)

So I kinda blew today. Ran around instead of eating lunch thinking I didn't have time and ended up with a handful of Lime Tostitos and a spoon in the Fat Free Sugar Free Chocolate pudding bowl :( Picked up the rhythm again at work (can't slip if you only bring the normal menu, right?) BZZZZZT! Coworker offered me some of his deliciously salty Ruffles chips. Declined. Then, just had one. Then about half hour later another one. By the end of the night I was pulling handfuls of the crunchy crumbs out of the bottom of the bag.

Ugh.. I really feel like there's truth in you Are what you Eat. By the time my shift was over I felt greasy all over, like I'd rubbed the stupid chips all over my face and skin (when of course I hadn't, heck I held them in a paper towel!) Ugh. Now, I'm hungry, and it's past dinnertime (waiting on the Army to give my husband back for the night) aaaaand I'm just barely under where all my stats are supposed to be, even with the binge.

So, I'm thinking, pop a frozen veggie in the microwave and suck up the lil hit to the carbs just so I can feel full. Maybe have some hot tea (Splenda-ized). I want to go hop on the elliptical to work off some of the ick, but it's so darned late and working outside in the cold just sucks the life out of you. It's all I can do to stay up for Hubby :(

Sigh. Well, off I go. Hurry up Uncle Sam, I's tired.


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