Star Trek Diplomas: All of them. I think.

So... StarTrek.Com has released a Starfleet Academy Diploma.  I wanted to see if the design was supported by canon (because I'm a huge fact-check nerd) and in my quest collected what I think to be all the diploma designs officially used on the show. I'm still looking though, so if you find one I don't have here, please leave a comment!

Confirmed authentic:
Voyager epi "Non Sequitur".

It appears to be the first time a diploma had been shown, if rabid Trekkers diligently duplicating it is any indication. If you register at the LCARSc site, you can download a free template to make your own!
(ref: )

Confirmed authentic: 
Enterprise: "Storm Front, Part II"
Earlier in storyline, later in established canon.
Found via

Official StarTrek.Com diploma (Released 2012):
 I can't find any epi screenshot to support this design, but it is nifty.

Plausible: "Official Fan Club" diploma circa 2009.
 According to a blog called TrekNostalgia this design was released pre Dec2009 (date of the blog) by the official Star Trek fan club. It appears to be the most reproduced diploma on the web. You can even buy them on Ebay, from a guy who makes sure the blue ink is iridescent.

As Official as it Gets:
From Wesley's... er, Wil Wheaton's Flickr.
This diploma was found on Wil Wheaton's Flickr (I even left the address bar in the screencap, since I wanted to share it, couldn't use the BBcode box, but couldn't save it either. Look ma, no (red)hands!) It was posted Jan24-2009 and (I think) was presented to him at Phoenix ComicCon of that year. It lists Wheaton as the academy President, Marina Sirtis as the Secretary of the academy, and Brent Spiner as Dean.

One diploma I found on a "Swagbucks" site called, and uses the logos of (official Roddenberry estate website). It's similar to Voyager Diploma, but blue.  I emailed the webmaster of the store to verify if it's been authorized, and it is indeed provided by

Authentic Marathon completion certificate:
Unknown prop/episode
This I found via Photobucket user Sladeshine, because they thought it was Picard's diploma. It's a Starfleet Academy Marathon certificate for winning the race and is pretty nifty, so I thought I'd include it. The image could be a screencap, though the poster does not give any info on it. Memory-Alpha claims the family album was for Star Trek: Generations, but was not shown in the movie. They include a mock up of the certificate.
"This certificate was designed by the Star Trek art department and featured in (and scanned from) a behind-the-scenes feature in the July 2002 issue of Star Trek: The Magazine (Volume 3, Issue 03, Page 70)" - Memory-Alpha
Note: This mock up says the marathon was 40 kilometers, which is only 24.6 miles. It would be 42.2 km.
Remind me to make myself one if I ever run 26.2 miles! ;)

There seems to be no diploma mocked up for Starfleet Medical Academy.

Have something I didn't find? Let me know and I'll be happy to add it (and give you hunting credit, of course!)

Mr J.Anderson of the LCARSc site mocked up a bunch of other certificates found throughout Voyager! (Conundrum: I want to save the images here for ease of viewing, but don't want to "thief" views to their thread. Go visit!)
-Picard's "Grankite Order of Tactics" [link]
-Ensign Kim's Apollo 11 Quadricentennial Commemorative Certificate ST:VOY . [link]
-Ensign Kim's Cochrane Medal of Excellence Award from ST:VOY S2 E5 - Non Sequitur. [link]
-Ensign Kim's Certificate of Completion for a non-humanoid engineering studies class, from ST:VOY S2 E5, Non Sequitur. [link]

He has stills to back them up too. Way too awesome!

Edit: confirms that the products on (of SwagBucks) are provided by themselves officially. :) The Blue "Voyager" type diploma added as "confirmed".  May29-2012


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