I hate main campus. (Edumacation)

Me (10:29): I hate main campus. 20m to shark parking; line just to PRINT schedule to get current sticker on my ID, to get INTO the bookstore. O.o

Me (10:39): Now to wait in the biiiiig line to register & pay for this class. Should DLed a book.

Hey you! With the ohssoCool media phone & tons of repetitive mp3s that play at half quality from your tiny speaker. Who told you everyone in line wanted to listen to LadyGaGa singing "Ya Ya Rum Bum Da Da!" or some bust em up rap crap for 10minutes? Ever heard of EarPhones? Latest and Greatest invention for the audiophile with bad taste. Try some.

Me (10:54): So. Can't pay where I added the class. Back to the First line to use the schedule machine (its just the website in a kiosk) so I can pay my 50$ THEN get sticker. (She tried to send me to another building. Why isn't the cashier in the admin building?)

Me (11:06): So agitated. Apparently you CANT pay at the stupid kiosk, though the attendant said you could. Now I have to go hunt down some stupid building. (That thankfully had no line, paid quickly, AND she put my spring sticker on there. Only smooth thing all day.)

Are you freakin kidding? I have to check my PURSE into BAGGAGE CLAIM so I don't steal a textbook I couldnt cram in there if I busted the seams. Tho it contains a water bottle & kiwi.

So. Stats Bundle is 143$. Could buy Stats online (60$) & code seperate @bookstore... for 80$. Are u freakin kidding? Nut I could get also for 60 (without shipping), In store for 87. So I've bought both books new. Sigh. 243.43. I'm going home now.

I really despise being forced into GenPop. Most people are loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and, they smell and dress abhorrently. Did I mention they walk slow? They kind of dawdle, right in the hallway. Or stop suddenly in the middle. Or! Start to walk backwards on you while "givin a shoutout" to someone across the lobby. I hate thee..


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