Classroom Architect

One of my assignments for Intro to Tech for Educators was to design a classroom (to certain specifications). I'm posting it here
  • A: Because it's neat. 
  • B: In case the file upload goes wrong. 
  • C: Look! I made it a science classroom! Look's like the one I had when I was in 7th grade science! Bangarang!


  1. Dear Janna, many thanks for submitting your classroom architect assignment and for crossposting it to your blog. This looks wonderful! You have created a well-thought-out and systematic layout for your classroom. I hope that you enjoyed learning about the classroom architect tool, and that you were able to get a sense of how this tool can be used to help you plan different approaches to configuring your classroom based on the types of instructional and teaching strategies you might use in the classroom. For example, you might reconfigure the layout of the tasks and the media when you are doing more group oriented activities. Or, you might adjust the layout of the classroom based on particular types of student needs.

    Great job on the assignment, keep up the good work! Sincerely, Yusra Visser

    1. The program is actually really fun to play with (as long as you don't accidentally clear the floorplan by enlarging the room, oops!) I started playing with it to see if I could use it to rearrange my living room!

      Oh, if anyone else wants to play with it I suppose I could add the link!

      Happy planning!


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