Grades, PBCZoo, and Science Museums! (Draft Where'd those pix go?)

Haven't blogged in a while, or written letters, or done anything in a long while but I have something to show for it! A in Calculus, A in Biological Principles Lab, and B+ in Bio-Princ lecture. I wasn't slacking, I'll have you know. I studied my brains out and missed my A by 4 points (356/360). I don't know what happened. I did throw up a status on it, I was that distraught, I'll paste it here:

Felt like I got a 99%, got an 87%...

Since school ended Husband and I have still been kind of busy, but in a good way.
Went to the Palm Beach Zoo; it was fantastic. I expected it to be kind of small but we got there just after they opened and stayed almost until closing. The only reason we fled early was to escape the downpour that snuck up on us. We plan to go back to finish it: there were some animals that didn't show *coughTIGERS*. They have a volunteer program that teaches you to care for the animals and teach others about it. I squealed, and plan to find time in the next couple semesters to participate. Shane mentioned it would look good on my Graduate application, but all I could think about was HUNTER. Hunter is the zoo's Great Horned Owl. He made an appearance at the "Wings Over Water" show. I got my picture with him (like a good little owl groupie). Photos (don't worry, there's only 77 heh) can be found on my Picasa!
From 110809PBCZoo

We went to the Palm Beach Science Museum, but it was really small. They did have an awesome tornado machine, whisper-dishes, and some cool stuff for kids. I think most science museums  are for kids, to get them interested in science. We called it an early day and I made him watch Tangled with me. I do have some photos (of course).
-Oops! Where'd I put them...?

On Friday, Husband woke me up bright and early and drove me down to the Ft. Lauderdale science museum 'Museum of Discovery and Science'. It was so mcuh fun! I got a bunch of pictures from there too lol. Their bottom level is a Florida Ecoscape and we got to see sharks, turtles, the coolest purple crustacean ever, along with bats, snakes, spiders... so cool. There was a spot where kids could play recycling-sorting games, and use a hand-crank generator to light up different kinds of light bulbs, it was really cool. The top floor was half aerodynamics stuff: flight simulators, an air pressure cannon, planetary rover models and OH SO MUCH MORE! The mineral exhibit was cool, and the medical section had a laser surgery tool you could use to shoot out "tumors" from a little robotic face. They had a little Egypt exhibit but I don't think their mummy was real (though the PBC Science Museum's was!) They did have dinosaur fossils though. One little girl was terrified of them and her grandmother could not convince her that they wouldn't hurt her. It was very cute.
It took us a couple hours to go through everything, and the icing on the cake was the IMAX documentary "Born to be Wild". Even if you can't see it in 3D on the HUUUGE screen I recommend it. I won't spoil it, but it's about a couple of women who rehab orphaned elephants and orangutans, respectively. It was phenomenal!
I got photos of this museum! Duh!

So yeah, crammed science in my skull for six weeks so that I could go play with science. :P

OH I almost forgot! My husband told me that if I got straight A's he would get me a laptop. Now, I was trying for straight A's anyway, but I've been wanting a working laptop for a whle. I bring the old Toshiba to work on the weekends to go through slides for school but it can't run plugged in and only gets two hours of life before it needs two hours of charging, so it's a little frustrating. I didn't get all A's, but HE GOT ME A NETBOOK ANYWAY! I have this cool little Acer Aspire (the chip is called 'Atom' hehe). I can even use the net on it through my Android. I should be able to do online homework (Blackboard) on it. There's no CD rom (which is probably for the best, since the only things I've been tempted to ISO and install have been games). I'm so spoiled.

That's about it! Back to goofing off (reading _Greek and Roman Science_ by Don Nardo, and perusing _The Cuisines of Germany_ by Horst Scharfenberg!)


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