College of Science Research Day 2014

Florida Atlantic University's College of Science Research Day is hosted by the College of Science Graduate Association. Staffed by the CSGA volunteers and a very dedicated staff member, the day highlights both the graduate and undergraduate research of FAU's science students!

There were 58 graduate posters and 13 undergraduate posters registered, in disciplines ranging from mathematics to environmental science. We had 11 first year graduate students presenting posters!

This was my second year as Volunteer Captain and the volunteer turnout was amazing! I had a great time working with all the volunteers, meeting the presenters, talking to judges, and even got interviewed about Graduate Research Day! It was our first year in the new venue, air conditioned and a little larger it allowed for a little more comfort. Still, with the popularity of Research Day, we might already be outgrowing the space!

My only regret is that I didn't get to read more of the posters this year. I was very impressed with the ones I did see, and have to admit my favorite was a first year geoscience poster "Estimating carbon stocks along depressional wetlands using ground penetrating radar (GPR) in the Disney Wilderness Preserve (Orlando, Florida)" by William Wright. I love the less-invasive technique and the much-improved quality of data it collects! I must have a style, since my favorite poster from last year (in general) pertained to less invasive techniques of estimating plant biomass in grassy areas ("Development of a Non-destructive Method for Assessing Aboveground Biomass and Canopy Area in Sawgrass (Cladium Jamaicense) Communities of A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge", by Marina Lauck). 

My own husband presented his first poster this year, "A Quantum Circuit for Binary Field Multiplication with Subquadratic Cost". It revamps an older method and creates a much more efficient method. It has multiple applications, but one most people get behind is a significant increase in keeping something encrypted Now encrypted in the Future.

And the winners were...
For Undergraduate Student Category:
  • 1st Place Jessica Huffman - Biological Sciences Honors Program - An identification and comparison of intestinal parasites found within Gopherus polyphemus in two differing Southeastern Florida Habitats.
  • 2nd Place Satu Hyuvarinen & Livingston Graham - Chemistry - Raman at FAU.
  • 3rd Place Zahava Alishaev - Biological Sciences Honors Program - Use of Drosophilia melanogaster larvae to evaluate cardioactive peptides.
For Graduate Student Category:
  • 1st Place Herborg "Nanna" Asgeirsdotir- Ph.D. Biological Sciences - Object-specific activity recorded from C57L/6J mouse hippocampal CA1 neurons.
  • 2nd Place Lillian Onwuha-Ekpete - Ph.D. Biological Sciences - Triple-Helical Peptide inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 9 mitigate antigen specific T-cell response.
  • 3rd Place Joanna Taborda - Ph.D. Biological Sciences - Group B Sox gene function in the Development of posterior midgut and anterior hindgut intestinal stem cells within Drosophila melanogaster.
For First Year Graduate Students:
Mengsen Zhang - Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences - Emotional Response in Human-Virtual Partner Interaction.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Well done!


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