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(X) CRY!

Check it out.. I have this insane project for Folklore class (college is fun) where I have to collect 5 folklore items (proverbs, legends, myths, etc) from an actual folk group, but I'm in the middle of LODI CALIFORNIA, where the closest you get to folk group is the local winery. The best I can come up with is the faerie stories my mom told me when I was little, but I'm not even sure what genre most of them go into, and I need at least 3 different genres!
Also: my laptop (my main computer) has been on the fritz for 3 months, when they finally take it to get fixed (and we kick butt just so I can get loaner) I find that the loaner has some issues with staying online easily (it hates my msn) but the programs run great. So i can play Hannah again, but I can't always send my score.
The computer George (my fiance) set up so I could still work (before I go tmy loaner) had all my work on it (website, neopets stuff, everythign) and then THAT went on the fritz, so all my cruds ba…