Dear Santa

Dear Friends and Family (and Santa!);

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
Allow me to give you your gift first, a gift certificate to not need to buy me "stuff"!

Husband and I have put a lot of work into pruning our "stuff" down into our 450 sq ft home, and we're still inundated by things we honestly must keep (his military gear, camping gear since we use it regularly, and things handed down from my family!) We've slowly been donating or recycling odds and ends and doubles and extras, scanning paperwork and photos, but I need your help!

We love getting your cards. I scrapbook them or scan them and love that I can flip through the messages any time I want. I ask that this year, and from now on, you omit the "stocking stuffers". No obligatory shiny plastics or tinsel. 

If you really want to get us something, I've put together a list below. There's an option for "gifts" on my Amazon wishlist, and an option for donating to our favorite charities!

If you stop here, I still want to wish you a Fulfilling Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!

1. Buy me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist!
  • Husband has one, but there's only one math book on there. Good luck.

2. Donate to Charities! Here are some of my favorite:
  • National Wildlife Federation ($any) "Action Fund" or buy me a ($16) gift membership (wink)!
  • ($15+) Natural Resources Defense Council "Green Gifts"
  • ($20) A gift membership to the Audobon!
  • ($25-$50) Adopt a wildlife animal from WWF! ($50 gets you a plushie representation of the animal you adopt!)
    • They have a $50 Build-a-bucket right now if you'd like a menagerie!
  • ($15-20) Buy me a gift subscription to National Geographic! (Ok, now I'm just being greedy).
  • ($25) Adopt a Raptor from Audobon Florida's Center for Birds of Prey!
  • (Any) The Wounded Warrior Project. When we were trying to find ways to donate and help wounded soldiers this project was the only one, of ALL the ones we looked through, that used even a majority of the funds for helping soldiers. Those stamped bracelets? 10% (if any, depending on where you get it). Wounded Warrior? 82.8%. 
    • Also consider donating to the USO because, even though most soldiers think they're campy and a little cheesy, 88% of their funds go to programs of morale or direct benefit to active soldiers.

You don't need to tell us if you decided to donate, but I won't stop you! DO let us know if you decide on something like a gift membership, so I can cross it off the list. :)

Thank you!


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